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Fire Station/Covid Immunication Center FAQ

Question #1

Concerning criteria prepared and noted in the RFP Article IV Outline Requirements and Specifications, containing the general items and room-by-room descriptions, have any other documents be produced to aid the respondents?  Such as a site survey, preliminary site plan or preliminary architectural floor plan / elevations?


There are no other specifications available other than those provided.  Respondents should utilize best practices and methodologies to address each component of the RFP.  Elevations have not been established at this time.

Question #2

Will the preproposal meeting be held on SATURDAY, October 24th at 10AM? Or is this a misprint and will it be held on the Friday, the 23rd?


To confirm, the RFP presubmission question and answer session will be held at the Union Township Civic Center, 4350 Aicholtz Road, Cincinnati, OH 45245 on SATURDAY 10/24/2020
at 10:00AM.

Question #3

1.Did the consultant-Stephenson Consulting- produce any preliminary Drawings to supplement the Program developed for this Project?
2. Has any potential responder to this RFQ had previous engagement with this Site/Project to assist in the development of the Program project?
3. Will Stephenson Consulting be eligible to participate with any of the Teams prosing on this opportunity?
4. Ability for the Awarded Team to start Site work in November-30 days from Award- is extremely aggressive. What actions has the Township taken with regards to expediting Permitting Processes, to facilitate this?
5. Are all Utilities available at the street in sufficient sizes/capacity etc for this Project?


1) No other drawings are presented or prepared for the site.
2) There are no other known responders to the site/project with prior engagement.
3) Vendors should contact Stephenson Consulting for their availability regarding participation in the actual project.
4) The project schedule is aggressive because of required timelines. Permits for the Township portion will be expedited to the degree possible. Site contractors should proceed expeditiously in pursuit of permits from County/etc. if selected and awarded the contract.
5) All utilities are presumed available at the site or in the immediate vicinity. Sanitary is available across Beechwood Road (within Subdivision ROW) and will most likely require some type of extension to cross Beechwood, from the adjoining subdivision street within Polo Fields. This should be included in the design. Please contact Clermont County Water Resources, Heath Wilson, to confirm design and alignment requirements.

Question #4

On Page 3, Section C. Submittal Content, Question 1 asks to “Provide a statement of qualifications, similar in form to AIA Document B305 (latest edition)”. Are you expecting submissions to include the completed AIA B305 documents or can we more generally include the information from the AIA B305 document throughout our submission?


Submittals should mirror AIA Form B305 as closely as possible per the RFQ instructions contained on Page 3, Section C, Submittal Content, Question #1.

Station 53/COVID Immunization Center Shortlisted Contractors

     • DAG Construction

     • DAG Construction

     • Bilbrey Construction

     • Cincinnati United Contractors

     • Miller Valentine Construction

     • Pepper Construction

     • K4 Development Services LLC

     • DER Construction