Queen City Meeting Rooms COVID 19 Restrictions

The Civic Center shall be closed to Room Reservations, until the Board of Trustees modifies the restriction except for:

Governmental Organizations
Legally recognized political subdivisions within the State of Ohio, Clermont County, Union Township, or any other quasi-governmental body serving or benefiting the citizens of Union Township shall be permitted to reserve Union Township facilities at any time, with no limit as to the placement of advanced reservations, subject to final review and approval by the Township Administrator.
Non-Profit Organizations (Civic Groups)
Legally chartered non-profit groups who primarily serve Union Township may reserve a room at the Union Township Civic Center up to twelve (12) times per calendar year. These reservations may not be made more than thirty (30) days in advance.
Applicants must follow all State Mandates regarding occupancy, social distancing and mask requirements.
Occupancy during the Restricted Use Period shall only be for Government Organizations and related activities as well as approved Non-Profit Organizations or Civic Groups at the sole discretion of the Township.
No parties, family gatherings, weddings, receptions or other personal activities shall be permitted.
Applicants will be charged a $25.00 non-refundable cleaning fee per reservation.
Reservations shall only be accepted for Monday through Friday usage.
Only one group per day shall be permitted.
Applicant must leave the facility no later than 9:00 pm
Occupancy in the Queen City Room shall be limited to a maximum of 10 occupants. If an Applicant is seeking an exemption as identified on the Reservation Form, the maximum occupancy in the room shall be 40.

Maximum Occupancy Exemption Increase to 40

Religious Observance
First Amendment Free Speech
Other as Permitted by Orders of the Director of Health (please provide citation)

Please Download the Updated Facilities Reservation Policy Here
Please Download the Facilities Reservation Form Here

The required $25.00 Cleaning Fee will need to be turned in with each completed Reservation Form, at the time of submittal.
No reservation shall be confirmed without prior payment of the required cleaning fee.