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The Union Township Fire Department was established in 1990. As the township has grown to over 46,000 residents and hundreds of thriving businesses, the department has grown with it. Five fire stations are staffed with full-time cross- trained firefighting and emergency medical service personnel 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The department became accredited in 2004 by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International and also maintains an excellent rating of 3 by the Insurance Services Offices (ISO) and continues to build upon that status.

The Union Township Fire Department has established the following mission statement:

It is the mission of the Union Township Fire Department – Clermont County, Ohio, to strive to be on the cutting edge of excellence by exceeding expectations in providing Life Safety Services to the community. Our focus is to promote the protection of lives, property and the environment through prevention, education, timely response, mitigation and the actions of highly trained, dedicated and motivated personnel. This is directed at making a safer and healthier community.

Fire Stations

The Union Township Fire Department has five fire stations situated throughout the township.

Station 48

Located at 855 Ohio Pike. This station houses an engine, a 105' Quint, and four paramedic ambulances.

Station 49

Located at 718 Old S. R. 74 (Cincinnati Batavia Pike). The station houses two engines, and two paramedic ambulances.

Station 50

Located at 1141 Old S.R. 74 (Cincinnati Batavia Pike). This station houses an engine, a paramedic ambulance, and a quint.

Station 51

Located at 860 Clough Pike and is the department’s headquarters station. This station houses an engine, two paramedic ambulances, and a boat.

Station 52

Located at 3873 Bach Buxton Road. The station houses two engines, two paramedic ambulances, a utility vehicle, an ATV, and a command trailer.

Station 53

Rendering of Station 53, currently under construction at 5149 Beechwood Road. The station is scheduled to open during the Fall of 2021. The station will house an engine and paramedic unit. The station will also serve as a Covid-19 Immunization Center.

Fire Divisions


The responsibilities of the administrative division include budget and finance, payroll, accreditation, quality assurance, fire and emergency medical services data entry, policy implementation and development, life safety, scheduling, monthly and annual reporting and documentation, licensing, information technology liaison, and other general day-to-day non-emergency needs of the department.


The Operations Division is comprised of the personnel who respond to emergency incidents from five fire stations strategically located throughout Union Township.  The division is responsible for ensuring a rapid, professional, and competent response to, and control of, a wide range of emergency incidents by the department.  Members assigned to a fire station serve in dual roles as firefighters and paramedics and are responsible for providing the best fire suppression and emergency medical services possible.


A station lieutenant serves as the training officer and manages most of the day-to-day training issues. Training is conducted daily, usually by the company officer conducting a hands-on morning drill and then again in the evening with a book-type drill.  As a State of Ohio Certified EMS training site, members are awarded continuing education credits.

The department also has a physician who is responsible to oversee and underwrite the emergency medical service operation of the Department.  Bill Hinckley, MD, is the Department's medical director and works closely with the Administrative Division to ensure that the citizens are receiving the best possible care.

Bill Hinckley, MD, is board certified in emergency medicine and EMS, and is an associate professor of emergency medicine at UC.  A majority of his clinical practice is spent in the EMS setting, working as a UC Health Air Care & Mobile Care flight physician, though he also works clinically in the emergency departments of both UC Medical Center and West Chester Hospital.  Bill graduated from medical school at Indiana University in 2000, and completed residency and chief residency at UC in 2004.  He has served as Air Care's medical director since 2006.  Bill is a past president of the Air Medical Physician Association, and was inducted into the International Guild of Senior Helicopter Retrievalists as a founding member in 2014.

Fire Operations

Chain of Command

The Union Township Fire Department is a paramilitary organization and manages its emergency and non-emergency functions and incidents through a chain-of-command structure similar to that utilized by the military.

The chain-of-command with the Union Township Fire Department starts with the firefighter/paramedic that performs most of the basic functions associated with fire, EMS, and other type responses.

The firefighter/paramedic reports to his/her Lieutenant. The Lieutenant, in addition to performing basic functions associated with fire, EMS, and other type responses, is responsible for the management and efficiency of his/her crew regarding training and response, the station, its equipment and assigned vehicles, and details within the company’s assigned area, and may be the initial Incident Commander at the scene of an emergency until relieved by a superior officer.

The Operations Chief is responsible for the operation, management, professionalism, and performance of all members on all three shifts. The Operations Chief reports directly to the Fire Chief.

Dispatch Response

Union Township Communications Center is a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for Emergency 9-1-1 calls for Union Township and is responsible for dispatching the Union Township Fire Department to fire, EMS, and other emergency-type incidents.

The Communication Center utilizes Emergency Medical Priority Dispatch and Emergency Fire Dispatch programs, both nationally recognized, to ensure accurate and efficient emergency dispatching.

Fire department units are dispatched from the closest of five stations staffed by career firefighter/paramedics.

An advanced life support paramedic unit (ambulance/medic unit) and an engine/pumper are located at every station. Additionally, two aerial devices, a 105’ ladder truck (Quint) and a 100’ tower ladder are located at two stations.
Both of the ladder trucks are also equipped with fire pumps and water tanks. Three secondary advanced life support paramedic units are also located at two stations and can be placed in service by the on-duty crew, if needed. This gives the fire department the capacity to respond to six advanced life support paramedic calls at the same time.

Typically, one paramedic unit is dispatched on a medical call. However, all engines and aerial devices are staffed by firefighter/paramedics or firefighter/EMTs, carry medical equipment including cardiac defibrillators, and may be dispatched to medical runs as “first responders” when they can reach the scene sooner than the paramedic unit or when additional personnel may be necessary.

Hazardous Materials/Extrication

In addition to fire suppression and emergency medical services, the Union Township Fire Department also specializes in hazardous materials mitigation, weapons of mass destruction (WMD) response, and rescue extrication. Currently, a majority of fire department personnel are trained to the hazardous materials technician level.  Should an incident involve extrication, most frontline fire trucks are equipped with heavy rescue equipment such as the “Jaws of Life.”

“MAZE” SCBA Training Trailer

The Union Township Fire Department also utilizes a specially constructed 40-foot trailer custom-built by some of its members to train in the use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The “MAZE” as it is called, is uniquely designed to put the trainee through a rigorous but realistic course to test his/her ability to wear, work, and be comfortable while wearing SCBA. The “MAZE” is available for loan to other fire departments in the area and has been utilized throughout the Tri-State area.

Mobile Live Fire Training Trailer

The Union Township Fire Department also utilizes a mobile live fire burn trailer purchased through a grant from the Department of Homeland Security.

The 53-foot, 2-story, mobile live fire training trailer allows firefighters to conduct a number of firefighting evolutions safely and efficiently, including; flashover/rollover recognition, search and rescue operations, ladder evolutions, fire attack, hose line management, ventilation procedures, and basement fire scenarios.

The mobile trailer will be available to other fire departments in our region after completing a training and certification class required by the trailer manufacturer.

Fire Services

The Union Township Fire Department offers the following services:


The function of public education is to educate the children and citizens of Union Township about fire prevention. The Union Township Fire Department offers fire house tours and demonstrations of vehicles and equipment for educational purposes. The use of a fire safety house is also provided by the fire department as a tool for teaching school age children about the dangers of fire. The fire safety trailer is also available for other community education programs by request. In addition, the fire department offers child safety seat/car seat inspections to township residents. Car seats are evaluated for safety compliance and compatibility.


The Union Township Fire Department continues to be proactive in the area of fire prevention and education, both internally and in the community.The Union Township Fire Department provides, free of charge, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and batteries to township residents.

Child Safety Seats

The department evaluates child car seats for safety compliance.

CPR/AED Training

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) education is provided to the West Clermont Local School District. Each year, the department trains students and faculty in both of these life-saving endeavors. In addition, the department provides this training to neighborhood and community groups and local businesses. For upcomming CPR and First Aid Classes, visit Upcoming Events or Click Here.

Fire Event Planning

Fire escape plan training, fire extinguisher training, and other non-emergency training are available through the department.

At your request, department personnel will make a home fire inspection and provide suggestions on better fire-proofing your residence.

The fire safety house is a tool Union Township firefighters use to educate local school children about the dangers of fire. The fire safety trailer also is used for additional community education programs.

Adopt A School

In addition to fire prevention and education, our personnel are involved in the "Adopt a School" program in township elementary schools. The goal of the program is to ensure a fire department presence in the school every couple of weeks for an hour or two. Firefighters participate in activities such as reading to students, becoming involved with a school project or fair, and having lunch with a group of students or a class. These activities also include fire safety education and the crews familiarize themselves with the building layout and the school staff. The education of the students, staff and firefighters will be extremely helpful in the event of an emergency at school, or even at home.

Blood Pressure Checks

Township residents may go to one of the fire stations any weekday between 9 a.m. and  p.m. for a blood pressure check.

Fire Safety

4 Easy Steps To Help Save Your Life!

1. Install at least one smoke detector on every level of your home. Especially near sleeping areas.

2. Keep your smoke detectors properly maintained. Test them at least once a month to insure they are working properly. Replace batteries at least twice a year.

3. Develop an escape plan and review the plan with all members of your family. Be aware that children and elderly people may need special assistance.

4. Practice fire drills in the home. Make sure everyone knows what to do in case of a fire. Since you may not be able to reach your children during an actual fire, it is important that they participate in the escape drills. They need to know how to escape.

Is Your Home Safe?

It is a question we do not think about very often, but it could mean the difference between life or death! American homes suffer an unwanted fire every 10 seconds, and every 60 seconds they suffer a fire serious enough to call the fire department. Most importantly, every two hours someone is killed in a house fire - that exceeds 4,000 people last year alone. Another 20,000 people are injured in house fires each year. Protecting your family from fire requires advanced planning for what to do if a fire strikes. It also involves learning how to prevent fires from ever happening. Most house fires occur in the kitchen while cooking, but are often extinguished with only minor damage since a person is generally present. The most dangerous fires occur at night while most people are asleep. Most victims succumb to the smoke and toxic gases and not to burns. Fires produce poisonous gases that spread rapidly and far from the fire itself to claim victims who are asleep and not even aware of the fire. Even if they awaken, the effects of exposure to these gases can cloud their thinking and slow their reactions so that they cannot make their escape. This is why it is so crucial for you and your family to have sufficient warning so that you can all escape before your ability to think and move is impaired. More than half of fatal fires occur when people are asleep so test your detector now!

Smoke/CO Detector Program

The Union Township Fire Department is relentless in its pursuit to provide smoke detectors and CO detectors for all its citizens to ensure safety in every home of the township. smoke detectors, CO detectors, and batteries are available free of charge to residents.

Plan Review

The function of plan review is to collect and evaluate the commercial business plans for new development and the rehabilitation of existing buildings in Union Township. The fire department works in conjunction with the Clermont County Building Department to ensure that all construction is designed and built to code and is safe for our residents and visitors.

Inspection Program

The purpose of conducting life safety inspections of commercial businesses is to promote the safety and well being of our customers and visitors to the township. Every commercial building is inspected annually to ensure that fire safety codes are being enforced. The Union Township Fire Department utilizes the Ohio Fire Code for enforcement purposes. Inspections are also available for foster care and adoption licensees as required by the State of Ohio.


Fire hydrants are one of the most important elements for firefighters during a fire incident.

Within the Union Township Fire Department response area are approximately 2700 private and public fire hydrants that are maintained by department personnel.

In order to ensure that every fire hydrant is in working order, fire department personnel inspect, grease/oil, and flush every hydrant beginning in spring.

During summer months fire hydrants are inspected on a regular basis to remove any obstructions and cut grass and weeds from around the hydrant. In the fall, firefighters check every hydrant to make sure the hydrant is free of water (dry) to prevent freezing during cold weather.

Frozen fire hydrants are a serious problem and cause the hydrant to be inoperable for fire operations.

Fire hydrants are required to be free of any obstructions, including high grass, weeds, and or shrubbery for a distance of 36 inches and should be visible from the street. Many of the fire hydrants are also color coded to indicate their rated capacities in gallons per minute (gpm) flow.

The top bonnet of the fire hydrant, or a reflective band, will be colored light blue, indicating 1,500 gpm or greater; green to indicate 1,000-1,499 gpm; orange to indicate 500-999 gpm; and red to indicate flows of less than 500 gpm.
Repair of public fire hydrants is the responsibility of the Clermont County Water Department.

Repairs to private fire hydrants are the responsibility of the property owner.

Fire hydrants that are out-of-service awaiting repair are identified by a large yellow bag over the hydrant.

Fire hydrant problems should be reported to the fire department by calling 513-528-4446.


Fire Accreditation

The Union Township Fire Department was awarded its first Accredited Agency Status by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International at their annual meeting in August 2004. Since the initial Accreditation the department has continued to meet the goals of the commission and strive for excellence through continual quality improvement.

The process of complying with hundreds of strict and comprehensive standards is an evolving and ongoing process throughout the five year accreditation cycle. The Accreditation Manager must compile Annual Compliance Reports that address the progress the department is making toward meeting the recommendations the Site Visit Team recommended during the site visit.  At the completion of the five year accreditation cycle a new set of documents are prepared and then reviewed by a new site visit team during a three day comprehensive on site review. Once the site visit team has completed their review and the documents have been forwarded to the Commission the department must testify before the Board of Directors to obtain final approval as an Accredited Agency.

Union Township is proud to be one of one hundred eighty-seven Accredited Agencies worldwide. The model of continual quality improvement that the accreditation process is based upon works hand in hand with Union Township’s mission to “Exceed Expectations”. While Union Township is honored to be a part of this elite group of fire agencies; the major benefit of being an Accredited Agency is the commitment by the department to provide continual quality service to the community.


Employment Opportunities

Updated: October 21, 2021

The Union Township Fire Department is seeking to establish an eligibility list for the position of Full-Time Firefighter/Paramedic! All candidates must take the FireTEAM exam through National Testing Network to be considered further in the hiring process.

The department requires the candidate’s PHQ. You can access the questionnaire through your candidate account. NTN suggests completing the PHQ as soon as possible so there is not a delay in your process.

The department requires the candidate Public Safety Self Assessment (PSSA) Parts 1 & 2. You can access these through your candidate account. NTN suggests completing the PSSA as soon as possible so there is no delay in your process.

Visit the National Testing Network for more information

Applications can be found and downloaded under the Resource Documents tab located below.

Position: Full-Time Firefighter/Paramedic
Salary Information: Starting Base Pay Range $64,302.85 – $74,880.07 (2022 Rate)
Benefit Information: Full-Time employees are provided a comprehensive benefit package that includes excellent health insurance 

Job Requirements


High School Grad/GED : Yes

Necessary Certifications : Ohio Level II Firefighter Certification, Ohio Paramedic or EMT Basic enrolled in Paramedic School

Hiring Process :

  • Application and Resume Review
  • Testing – National Testing Network
  • Oral Interview with fire department staff
  • Background and Polygraph
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Oral Interview with Township Administrator

Successful candidates are recommended to the Township Board of Trustees for a conditional job offer, pending the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Physical Exam.

Resource Documents

UTFD Employment Application
UTFD Employment Application
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