On November 3, 2015, Union Township, Clermont County residents voted to approve opt-out electric and natural gas programs for eligible Township residents and small businesses. After adopting a Plan of Operation and Governance for each program, the Township entered into an agreement with Energy Alliances, Inc. to provide consulting services for obtaining the electric generation and natural gas supply for the programs. Specific information for each program follows:


  • Supplier:          Dynegy Energy Services
  • Rate:                 4.99 ¢ per kWh (Default Price)
    5.09 ¢ per kWh (Opt-in 100% Green Energy) 
  • Term:                Throgh the June 2022 Meter Read

To enroll in the program or to cancel your participation in the program, please call the program supplier, Dynegy Energy Services at 888-682-2170.


  • Supplier:          Constellation NewEnergy – Gas Divison, LLC
  • Rate:                  $0.396 per ccf
  • Term:                Through the May 2022 Meter Read

To enroll in the program or to cancel your participation in the program, please call the program supplier, Constellation NewEnergy – Gas Division, LLC at 877-590-4136.


  • Your local utility, Duke Energy – Ohio, will continue to deliver your electricity and natural gas and maintain the distribution lines and respond to emergencies.
  • You can enroll in the programs at any time by calling the Toll Free Numbers above!
  • You can cancel your participation in the programs at any time without incurring a cancellation fee

For answers to questions not found here, you can call Energy Alliances, Inc. at 513-794-5555 or visit their website at: https://energyalliances.com/union-township-clermont-co.

For a copy of Energy Aggregation Program Letter Click Here


What is Aggregation?

Aggregation is when a group of customers in a community (households and small businesses) join together to form a single, larger customer that buys energy for its members. A large buying group may be able to get a better price and/or contract terms for the group members than you can get on your own.

What is an Opt-Out Aggregation Program?

In order for a community to create an aggregation program, a majority of the residents have to pass a ballot issue authorizing the community leaders to move forward with the aggregation process. After the ballot issue passes, the community leaders then develop a Plan of Operation. Public meetings (2) are held to gather public input and then community leaders approve the plan which is submitted to the PUCO for certification. After certification, officials then negotiate rates and choose a supplier.

Prior to enrollment, all eligible residents are mailed notices detailing the Program and offered the right to remain in the Program or to opt-out and not participate. Note: if you do not respond you will automatically be enrolled. Normally consumers are given a certain time frame to notify the supplier of their intent not to join. You may enroll or opt-out of the program at any time with no termination fee. This is a benefit provided by Energy Alliances, Inc. in conjunction with our suppliers and may not apply to aggregation programs managed by others.

Will I notice a difference in service?

The only difference you will notice is in your rate. Your local utility continues to deliver energy and services to your home or business. Electricity and natural gas flow the same as they always do and you will see the same level of service for maintenance and repairs. And no you will not be placed on the bottom of the list, remember you are still a customer of your utility company.

What if I do not want to participate?

Every resident will receive an opt-out notice and it will provide them a certain number of days to opt-out of the program. The notice will provide the rates and other terms and conditions of the program. If you do nothing, you will automatically receive the new rate. A resident may choose to opt-out, or not participate, by either returning an enclosed opt-out card or by calling a toll-free telephone number. The PUCO has established a permanent "do not aggregate" list for electric consumers. Information may be found at: https://www.puco.ohio.gov/be-informed/consumer-topics/electric-do-not-aggregate-list/. As a courtesy to residents, our suppliers also maintain their own "mail exclude" or "do-not-aggregate" lists. Please call for details.

What if I already have a supplier?

By law, only residents that are not under contract with a supplier and are current on their local utility energy bills may be sent an opt-out card. Residents who have already made a choice will not be sent an opt-out notice. One of the many benefits provided by Energy Alliances is our arrangement with suppliers to allow residents to “opt-in” to the program at any time by calling the toll-free customer service number. Those residents should review their current supplier’s contract beforehand to avoid the possibility of any early termination penalties.

Who do I call to report problems with my electric or natural gas service?

To report service problems, a gas leak, billing problems, meter reading, estimated readings, repair issues, and budget payment plan amounts, you will still call your local utility. If you have questions regarding the Aggregation Program or the supplier rate, you should call the supplier. This information is listed on your bill and telephone numbers are provided.

2021 Higher Energy Costs
What determines eligibility and why?

Electric aggregation eligibility is set by Ohio Administration Code 4901:1-21-17(E)(1) and natural gas aggregation eligible is set by Ohio Administration Code 49:01:1-28-04(E) We’ve reordered them based on the questions that come up the most.
Who is eligible:

  1. Those that are NOT with an alternate supplier already at the time the opt-out letters go out.
    1. More details about this situation below
  2. Those that have not previously opted-out of the aggregation during the current term.
  3. Those that are not on the Percentage of Income Payment Plan with the utility.
  4. Those physically located in the geographic boundary of the community.
  5. Electric Only - Those that do not appear on PUCO’s “DO NOT AGGREGATE” list.
    1. Click HERE to get to that link
  6. Volume Eligibility
    1. Electric: Those “small commercial” accounts that use less than 700,000 kWh annually.
    2. Natural Gas: “Those customers that use less than 5,000 ccf annually