Why Do Business in Union Township?

Located along the Ohio 32 and Interstate 275 corridor in northwest Clermont County, Union Township is a thriving community on the Eastern side of Cincinnati. The population continues its upward trend as new developments, expansions and redevelopments dot the landscape. Union Township provides easy access for your staff and consumers.  Our community is a great mix of businesses, residential units of all types and friendly resources to attract the best workforce and consumers your business needs to thrive.

Union Township is equipped with a well-managed and readily accessible local government, a business-friendly atmosphere, and nationally accredited police, fire and service departments. The Township has enjoyed significant investment in infrastructure and roadways.  The easy accessibility to highways and the ever-increasing presence of an educated and motivated workforce are all contributing factors to the continued success of Union Township, making it the ideal location for local and regional business.

When searching for a new business location, whether in an existing space or a new development, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at: 513-753-2300. Our staff is available to answer questions, work through ideas and address any concerns with starting a new business. Through the planning and zoning process, we can assist to improve the transition into the Township.

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