Investigative Bureau

The Investigative Bureau is overseen by Lt. Scott Blankenship. Lt. Blankenship is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute's Administrative Officer's Course. The Investigative Bureau is staffed by 19 employees including 5 detectives, 13 communication specialists, 4 school resource officers, and an administrative sergeant. The bureau consists of the Investigative Division and the Communications Division .

Investigative Division

The Investigative Division is managed by Division Commander Det. Sgt. Ken Mullis. The function of the Investigative Division is to investigate criminal offenses of a major or felony nature. These include but are not limited to homicide or questionable death, felonious assault, arson, robbery, burglary, rape, suicide, major theft, worthless documents, telephone harassment, kidnapping and abduction, stalking, runaways and missing persons. The division lends expertise and assistance to Patrol Division personnel when requested.

The investigation process is one of the most important police responses to the problem of crime. The division commander's duties are to identify and determine crime trends, devise solutions to reduce specific crimes in affected areas, and to make case assignments based on specific solvability factors.

The Investigation Division has five detectives assigned to specific types of crimes. The Youth Aid detective investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect, as well as juvenile sex abuse cases. Two detectives are assigned to investigate all property/personal crimes such as felony-level thefts, residential burglaries, business break-ins and robberies. Another detective is assigned to investigate white-collar crime, including fraud, bad checks, confidence schemes, and Internet fraud.

In addition, we have a Master Evidence Technician who uses the mobile crime scene unit to gather physical evidence. The department has a facility on-site where some evidence is processed.

The Investigation Division utilizes the assistance from the agency's Polygraph and Computer Forensics Units to aid in major case investigations.

The Investigative Division attempts to take a proactive approach to identify situations or circumstances which may require police attention. Information and intelligence is provided to the Patrol Division in an effort to target problem areas and increase chances of criminal apprehensions.

School Resource Officers 

The Union Township Police Department has three School Resource Officer’s for the West Clermont School District as is currently under the Investigative Bureau, due to the sensitive nature of the position. We continue to have two SRO’s in the West Clermont High School and one SRO in the West Clermont Elementary Schools.  The SRO’s participate in solving criminal offenses that occur on school campus, discipline hearings, and educating students. We continue to enjoy a terrific working relationship with the school district.

In 2023, we also partnered with Child Focus and Educational Services to place an SRO in the Carter Center School.  We look forward to fostering another great working relationship, as we protect the safety of our local students.


The Union Township School Resource K9 Program proudly presents NYA, she is a giant Schnauzer from Germany. This was a cooperative effort between Union Township Police Department and the West Clermont Local Schools to enhance school safety, combat illegal drugs in our schools, and foster better relationships between the community. Our educational partners and  law enforcement respond to potentially critical incidents involving missing students. The SROK9 Program and the West Clermont School District will mainly see NYA in the West Clermont High School, but the West Clermont Elementary Schools will also see NYA on occasion. NYA will visit other West Clermont Facilities and attend West Clermont related events in Union Township.