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Union Township Police and Crime Stoppers Even…

Union Township Police and Crime Stoppers will be hosting a document shredding and prescription drug take back event at the Furniture Fair in Eastgate on Saturday, April 1st from 8...

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Bells Lane & SR32 Project- Materials from…

  A public meeting was held on March 22, 2017, to discuss upcoming SR 32 improvements between Bells Lane and Old SR 74, including work on both Old SR 74 from...

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Old State Route 74 Road Closure

OLD SR 74 ACCESS TO SR 32 WILL BE CLOSED PERMANENTLY BEGINNING MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2017 Additional closures related to Aicholtz work remain in place     Reestablishing through access on Aicholtz Road...

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Union Township Police is now accepting reservations for our annual Women’s Self Defense classes on Saturday, April 8th and Saturday, April 15th  at the Gymnasium of the Union Township Civic...

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Old SR 74 Road Closure For Aicholtz Road Conn…

In pursuant to section 5543.17 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Clermont County Engineer's Office has determined that a road closure is necessary on Old SR 74 in conjunction with...

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Aicholtz Rd Closure

In pursuant to section 5543.17 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Clermont County Engineer's Office has determined that a road closure is necessary for the Aicholtz Rd connector project, and...

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Natural Gas Opt Out Letter

Opt-Out Letters will be mailed to eligible customers on November 7, 2016 and will be arriving shortly thereafter.   you can also download the opt out letter by clicking here. 

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Union Township, Natural Gas Aggregation Progr…

The Board of Trustees of Union Township, Clermont County, Ohio will hold two public hearings on the Township’s Natural Gas Aggregation Program Plan of Operation and Governance. The hearings will...

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Union Township, Electric Aggregation Program …

June 22, 2016 Union Township Electric Aggregation Program Update Union Township is pleased to announce that it has selected Dynegy Energy Services as the Electric Aggregation Supplier for Union Township!   Dynegy...

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Firehouse Subs awards equipment to Greater Ci…

Firehouse Subs awards equipment to Greater Cincinnati Fire Departments Firehouse Subs will award $34,000 worth of life-saving equipment to Greater Cincinnati fire responders Wednesday. Local firefighters will be at the...

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Generally, zoning regulations are created in order to maintain certain minimum standards for the community, thereby preserving and enhancing property values. Townships are authorized to enact zoning in accordance with Section 519 of the Ohio Revised Code. In 1959, the Union Township Board of Trustees took the appropriate steps to establish districts where different and conflicting uses were separated to the extent practicable. Guidelines were also established to define the type and scale of uses to be permitted in each district. Special conditions, exceptions, uses, and other variations to adopted requirements are also established in the zoning code.

Union Township Zoning Resolution

Official Union Township Zoning Map

Hundreds of permits are issued annually in Union Township. However, before a permit can be issued, all requirements of the zoning resolution must be met. This sometimes means that the property must change its zoning district designation. In certain circumstances, property owners may need to request variations from standards due to challenging site constraints. The Zoning Resolution also establishes duties for appointed and elected officials, defines specific procedures to follow with regards to complaints, violations, and also outlines the manner in which rezoning requests are to be processed and reviewed. The Planning and Zoning Department staff welcome the opportunity to assist you with any questions you might have regarding the specific requirements of the Zoning Resolution.

Fee Schedule


Administrative Review

Zoning Department is permitted to administratively review and approve minor amendments to any approved Planned-Unit Development site plan, including those within the R-3 Planned Multi-Family Residential District, R-4 Single Family Variable Structure Residential District, and PD Planned Development District. Approval of a proposed amendment is subject to discretion of the Planning & Zoning Director.

Administrative Approval Documents:

PD "Planned Development District" Minor Amendment Application

R3 "Planned Multi-Family residential District" Minor Amendment Application


Elected and Appointed Boards

Union Township Zoning Commission

As new development or redevelopment is proposed, it is sometimes necessary to change to a different zoning district to accommodate the project. The Union Township Zoning Commission is comprised of citizens who are appointed by the Board of Trustees, and who are charged with reviewing the details of the requested zoning amendments. After reviewing proposed amendments, the Zoning Commission forwards recommendations to the Union Township Board of Trustees, which ultimately determines whether to amend the zoning map or text as requested. The same process is required to make an amendment to the text of the Zoning Resolution. It is also the same process utilized for new Planned-Unit Development proposals or where the approval period has lapsed due to lack of development activity.

For any requested zoning map or zoning text amendment, a strict schedule is followed with regard to submittal deadlines, public hearing dates, and decisions, as all of these requirements must be administered in accordance with state law. Additionally, every zoning change application must be accompanied by all required documentation prior to moving forward in the process. The Planning & Zoning Department is ready to assist interested parties in navigating the complex rezoning process, and our staff can answer any questions regarding application requirements, public hearing notices, or other zoning-related issues.

Zoning Commission Documents:

Zoning Commission Application


Union Township Zoning Commission Members

Don Grove

Eric Louis

Carol Pelfrey

Joe Rennekamp

Bill Shannon


Union Township Board of Zoning Appeals

Zoning regulations are applied uniformly across the township. Each project must follow the specific regulations established for its district along with the basic underlying requirements for all properties as they are on the books today, or no permit can be issued. Essentially, the Union Township Board of Zoning Appeals is comprised of citizens who are appointed by the Board of Trustees and are empowered by the Zoning Resolution to grant variance regulations. In the same text are the standards that the “BZA” must use to consider whether or not a variance may be granted. 

The Board of Zoning Appeals also reviews and approves Conditional Use applications. Certain uses, while not generally permitted, may be given special consideration by the BZA, provided the use is located in a designated district and provided certain conditions can be met. Conditional use applications follow the same procedure and schedule as variance requests. 

The BZA holds a public hearing, actually classified as a legal proceeding, once a month to consider applications that have been submitted for either conditional use approval or variance. As with other zoning processes, a pre-application meeting with staff is required to assist you in determining exactly what issues are involved.

ZA Documents:

BZA Variance Application

BZA Conditional Use Application

BZA Decision Appeal Application


Union Township Zoning Appeals Board Members

Calvin Aicholtz

Brian Ford

Thomas Hanrahan

Ben Joehnk

Randy Wulker


Focus Overlay District Regulations

In addition to being charged with numerous other responsibilities and duties, the Union Township Board of Trustees also reviews and approves Focus Area Overlay District applications. Essentially, Focus Area District Regulations are options available to property owners that grant additional flexibility over conventional zoning regulations by relaxing restrictions in order to achieve redevelopment goals, including the promotion of economic development and the elimination of blighting influences. This tool is available for properties that lie within the corridors specified in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan 20/20. 

If a property lies within a Focus Area and has the appropriate zoning designation for the desired use but can’t meet every requirement set down in that district, an application may be made to the Board of Trustees submitting the details of the desired project. In this fashion, commercial properties and business operations that pre-date zoning or were developed under outdated guidelines can seek approvals to make changes or upgrades they would otherwise be prevented from making. Overlay District applications are considered as part of the Board of Trustees’ regular monthly meeting.

Focus Overlay Documents:

Focus Overlay District Application


Planned Unit Development Major Amendment Process

The Union Township Board of Trustees also reviews and approves administrative amendments to approved residential and commercial Planned-Unit Developments. The Zoning Resolution specifically authorizes applicants within an approved Planned-Unit Development to submit an application directly to the Board of Trustees for consideration. Major Amendments within the R-3 Planned Multi-Family District, R-4 Single Family Variable Structure Residential District, and PD Planned Development District are considered as part of the Board of Trustees' regular monthly meeting.

Administrative Action Documents:

PD "Planned Development District" Major Amendment Application

R3 "Planned Multi-Family District" Major Amendment Application

R4 "Single Family Variable Structure District" Major Amendment Application