Energy Alliances, Inc., your aggregation partner, wanted to alert you to the fact that a higher than expected number of aggregation participants have left your program in the last few weeks. This can be due in part to people moving in and out of the area, but primarily we are seeing drops due to:

• Door-to-door solicitations

• Telephone solicitations

• Solicitors aggressively marketing inside of retailers such as Menards, Sam’s Club, etc.


The sales tactics for the above solicitations are aggressive, sometimes misleading and many times in violation of the Public Utility Commission’s rules for marketing. Additionally, terms and conditions often include low introductory prices and purposely hide, in fine print, the often exorbitant price after the relatively short (1 to 3 month) introductory term. These offers may also include hefty early termination fees and/or other terms which may be objectionable to the customer (such as automatic roll-over provisions). Many times, door-to-door solicitors ask to see a resident’s Duke bill on the pretext of confirming their current rate, then obtain pertinent information from the bill and switch the account without the resident’s consent or knowledge. Residents should be cautioned to never let anyone trying to sell them something see a copy of their bill.

Residents should be aware that PUCO regulations require sales agents to immediately identify themselves and their company and explain why they are speaking with them. Solicitors must wear an identification badge displaying their photo and full name and the name, logo, and phone number of the company they are representing.
Residents who feel they were pressured into switching have rights: they can immediately call Duke Energy to rescind their enrollment or wait for the Duke Energy letter acknowledging the switch, then call the number provided to rescind the switch during the allotted rescission period.

If a resident feels they were inappropriately switched, they can call the PUCO at (800) 686-PUCO (7826) and lodge a complaint. Residents should always write down the company, the name of the person they spoke with and any other pertinent information (such as promises made, prices and terms offered, etc.). They can also use their cell phone to take a photo of the solicitor’s badge and get a supervisor’s phone number for their records.

Community aggregation programs continue to be one of the best ways for residents to get a reliable energy supply at a reasonable price from a trustworthy company that community leaders have vetted and chosen.

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